The bets you should avoid

The bets you should avoid

Casinos offer games where the bank has a certain advantage, but most of the time the bets are very profitable for players. This is the case for craps.

You will notice that the bets based on a single series of throws are not beneficial to gamblers. Indeed, they either win or they lose... You also need to take into account the next throws and the odds are not very interesting.

In the world of craps, there are therefore some bets you should avoid.

The bad bets are located mainly in the central zone of the table (in front of the stickman). In the other boxes (on the left and on the right), you can also find bets that could be referred to as risky.

It is thus interesting to do some research about the bets you should not try, in order to increase your chances of profits.

Here are the types of bets that are not recommended: