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Thursday, 04 February 2016 00:02

The February Flights giveaway has started at Maria Bingo

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The final months of winter has started and even though past performance suggests that cold weather will linger in March, many are already making vacation plans. Booking flights and searching for remote destinations where people can spend some quality time helps to forget that low temperatures are still here. The more exotic the trip, the more expensive it tends to be, so those who hope to fulfill their dreams should check out the latest promotion at Maria Bingo.

The February Flights giveaway has started and a total of 270 customers will win a return flight to some of the most beautiful European cities. The fact that the winners will be granted total freedom in choosing a destination means a great deal to prospective travelers. It is far more exciting to travel to a remote place or at least a city that you haven't visited yet, then to go to the same country over and over again.

Furthermore, with 270 lucky winners flying to their destination of choice, the odds of actually winning the package are significantly improved. There are so many European cities that Maria Bingo found it worthwhile to make a list of places that their winners can visit. In order to qualify for this promotion, one would have to deposit and wager €100 or the currency equivalent. This is the trigger for joining the upcoming raffle and the ones who win will enjoy the ultimate return on investment.

There are a couple of steps that players need to complete and the first one is to actually opt in for this promotion. You can do so by entering the email address or using your chosen username, before making a qualifying deposit of €100. With this amount in your online account, you can play any of the games available, except for live casino and table games.

This promotion has limited time availability, so you need to act quickly, because it will come to an end on Thursday, February 4. The winners will be traveling to their European city of choice, while the runners-up will receive lucky rubber ducks. 55 of them will be presented with this gift, while the next 25 players will receive lucky charm key rings. These are obviously consolation prizes, so everyone is secretly hoping to win the trip and layers are already thinking about the city's they will visit.

Just keep in mind that the number of flights is limited and only the first 270 players will receive a present, so time is definitely of the essence. Steer clear from table games because there are no good and you have plenty of time to enjoy their thrills after this campaign is over. Maria Bingo reserves the right to terminate this promotion at any time and it can also make modifications without notifying players in advance.

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