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Wednesday, 10 February 2016 18:17

The Million Slots Prize Draw is back at Mirror Bingo

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When you play bingo over the Internet, you don't actually expect to win a life-changing amount because this is not how this game works. What actually happens is that players spend some quality time and interact with their peers on many levels, while making any significant investment. Mirror Bingo allows its members gamble virtual currency or bet tiny amounts for a chance to win decent payouts, all while having the time of their life.

Recently, the online gambling operator has introduced slot machines and apparently the players have reacted very well to this incentive. The games are exciting and can be played on mobile devices, which makes them a very convenient alternative for those who seek something truly different. Obviously, the best incentive to attract players is by offering cash prizes and bonuses of all sorts and this is exactly what Mirror Bingo has been doing this month.

Right now, players are invited to explore their collection of slot machines and participate in a competition that has a guaranteed prize pool of €1 million. It's a lot of money and even though the prize pool will be divided among a total of 60,000 players, they will still be enough to go around. The competition has started at the beginning of February and will continue until the end of the month, so even if you are late to the party, time is still on your side.

In order to have a chance at winning one of the 60,000 individual prizes, you need to make a qualifying deposit of at least €10. The next step is to wager this amount on the qualifying slot machines as this will result in an entry into the prize draw. The good news is that those who have plenty of time and don't mind investing larger amounts will collect additional entries, therefore their chances to win will improve.

Mirror Bingo does its fair share and hosts two distinct prize draws per week, so you will have more opportunities to claim a prize until the end of the month. Players won't have to focus exclusively on one slot machine, because there are three different games that qualify. You can play any of them or focus on the slot you enjoy the most but the best way to tackle these challenges by playing the selected bonus slot.

Just as the name indicates, this slot machine has a special ring to it because those who play it will earn twice as many entries. The first week has concluded but the second one is about to start and from February 8 two February 11, you should be playing Big Top Tombola, George and the Dragon and Chests of Plenty slot machines. The next games will be revealed on Friday, so pay attention to the updates.

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