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Thank Foxy Bingo it’s Friday

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Friday's by definition the bearer of good news and if you have an account with Foxy Bingo, you will surely learn to love this day. The weekend is about to start and some of the best promotions available will begin as well, so you will be hitting two birds with one stone. Bingo fans are now going to compete for a guaranteed prize pool of €100,000 every week, which is a lot of money and the good reason to play.

The chance to win all this cash is up for grabs and don't need to be a highroller to end up among the winners. Sometimes, the guaranteed prize pool is enhanced by the addition of €51,000, a bonus that is aimed at making Friday's even better. The TFI Friday party as this campaign is commonly referred to will actually keep players entertained for many more days.

The rules of engagement have been simplified for the benefit of players, making it easy for everyone to aspire at a sizable paycheck. You should just head on to the correct bingo rooms starting at 6 PM, as this is the time when the jackpots are unveiled. It all starts with a prize worth €6000 at 6 PM and players have exactly one hour to claim it, before the next jackpot is available.

To simplify matters and make it easier for players to remember what they are about to win, the size of the jackpot is influenced by the hour of play. Basically, you will be competing for a prize of €7000 at 7 PM, €8000 one hour later and €9000 at 9 PM, with the sequence continuing all the way until midnight. 90 Ball Jackpot room is the place where as much as €23,000 will be won and they will be an additional €500 jackpot awarded around lunchtime.

There are other bingo rooms that qualify for this promotion, so make sure you spend some time at the Bingo Sisters, Good Ship Foxy and Foxtrot Fives. The price of a bingo card ranges from as little as €25 to a maximum of €50, but those who spend more on bingo tickets will enter the race for better payouts. The return on investment is significant in any case and jackpots are won every 15 minutes, so hundreds of players are expected to win something this Friday.

Just when you thought that things couldn't possibly get any better than this, know that players will also be eligible for jackpots in the Chat Games. These are a new addition to the ecosystem of games and provide players with the incentive to celebrate the social nature of the game by interacting with each other. Foxy Bingo makes the pledge of awarding at least €100,000 every single Friday, so you can rest assured that the money will be eventually divided among participants.

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