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Friday, 04 March 2016 12:01

Gear up for Easter with Cheeky Bingo’s £50K Slider

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Many people will be celebrating Easter four weeks from now, but there is no point in waiting that long if you are a bingo fans. The Cheeky Bingo's £50K Slider has already started and the competition will run uninterrupted throughout March all you need to do is to sign up and be a part of this string of tournaments, while spending some quality time playing your favorite game.

This is a recurrent tournament that takes place every year and the famous bingo room, but in 2016, players will also enjoy unrestricted access to slot machines. The jackpot games can make you rich overnight and you don't even need to take bigger chances by wagering a lot of money. The guaranteed prize pool consists of €50,000 or currency equivalent and they will be many more prizes down the road, for those who come painfully close of winning the jackpot.

Just as the name suggests, this bingo game is actually a slider, which rewards those who play often and are very active throughout March. Cheeky Bingo has published a table containing all the potential prizes and it is updated regularly on the official website. The numbers can be a bit puzzling, but the good news is that they are also very intuitive, so a quick glance will tell you what is up for grabs.

The jackpots range from €50,000-€10,000 and all those who purchase tickets have a chance at winning a prize. At the more than reasonable price of 99p per ticket, you don't need to be a highroller to actually participate in this tournament and even beginners can walk away with a life-changing amount. There is of course the temptation of buying more tickets and this is why it is important to keep in mind that there is a maximum limit of 96 tickets per player.

The chosen game will run on March 28, so you've got plenty of time to prepare for this important event and amass the necessary amount. Those who have a busy schedule should at least make sure to clean it around 8 PM, because this is when action heats up. The bingo room will update its prize breakdown and customer support is also available to provide additional details to those who need some clarifications.

There is no reason to expect Cheeky Bingo to terminate this promotion earlier or to change the terms and conditions, but this is a distinct possibility. As always, the online gambling operator reserves the right to make these sorts of changes, so don't postpone enrollment because you would be missing out on some great prizes. As long as you are about 18 years old and have a real money account you are eligible for signing up, so make the most of the upcoming Easter holidays.

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