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Maria Bingo unveils new Website and Promos

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Maria Bingo made a big thing of its website revamping and now that the can take a glance at the end result, it is only fair to give them credit for the effort. It took them a while to change the entire layout but it was definitely worth it and players are now enjoying the ultimate gaming experience. This is not the only thing that has changed at the online casino which also runs a very successful bingo room.

More bonuses were added while the existing ones have been bound, making it easier for beginners to move up the ladder. Until recently, players have to spend a lot of time at tiny stakes until they won enough money to afford the price of more expensive bingo tickets. Since this game is not one where profits are made incrementally and luck decides the outcome, some of the members never actually made it to the top.

The female friendly bingo room is now painted in different shades of pink and the content is translated in multiple languages. The idea is to make navigation easier and more currencies were also added, while the existing payment methods are faster and just as secure. When it comes to the promotions, all the classic were preserved, but some of them were twisted just a bit as to become more exciting.

Players should begin by checking out the active bonuses and they can do so by going over the offers in their casino section. There is a good chance to have a bonus that needs to be redeemed so why not start from that before signing up for more freebies. Maria Bingo allows players to queue bonuses, so if you have more time on your hands and consider yourself capable of juggling promotions, you can apply for as many bonuses as you like.

Focus on the Golden Hour Bonuses which enable players to win more money over a shorter period of time if they play during selected hours. The weekly Golden hours are going to help you overcome the sadness caused by Mondays and Tuesdays, traditionally the least exciting days of the week. There is no reason to anxiously wait for Friday and the weekends in general, since this promotion runs from Monday to Friday and members who play during these hours will claim great bonuses.

The social nature of bingo signs brightly when you enter the chat room and communicate with your peers, something that Maria Bingo has always promoted. The Chat Room Bonuses are different and with so many rooms to enter and playing games, the combinations are numerous. In the long run players will collect birthday bonuses whenever they add another year to their life story and accumulate comp points. Furthermore, there are random bonuses awarded on a daily basis, so luck can strike without notice.

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