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Enter Tinsel Town at Bet365 Bingo and win big

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Playing bingo has never been so exciting and Bet365 takes the gaming experience to the next level by introducing the new promotion. It will unfold every day until the end of the week but in order to participate, one would have to head on to the Tinsel Town room. Every single day, the campaign starts all over again and 7 PM UK time and will conclude four hours later. The window of opportunity is closing quickly, but four hours are still more than enough for those who enjoy the game.

The exclusive 75 Ball room never runs out of action and if you are among those who step inside and play bingo, you will have at least five chances to win. In addition to triggering the standard winning combinations, players will also collect a prize by filling in diagonal, vertical and horizontal lines. Keep in mind that are also the1TG and Roll On x2 winning combinations and with a guaranteed prize pool of €500, you won't be disappointed with your prize.

Depending on the number of participants, the amounts can go even higher, so keep your eyes open and stay optimistic. The price of bingo tickets are still reasonably low, so you don't have to worry about high financial expenses. Players will be trying to call full house as fast as possible and those who managed to do it before 46 balls are extracted, half of the jackpot will be theirs. Basically, you can win a first prize worth €250, while the remaining amount will be divided among other players with the winning ticket.

Players can purchase the tickets right away, many hours in advance, so the odds of any technical glitches appealing due to overuse of the system are slim to none. Before the game starts, all those who have tickets will be notified, so there is no chance to miss out on this great promotion. Everyone secretly hopes to win a bonus, but as they are chasing the aforementioned jackpot, they will also trigger other winning combinations and get to keep the profits.

The Tinsel Town 75 Ball room has the coveted jackpot and the best part is that someone is guaranteed to win this amount. Assuming nobody manages to call bingo in less than 46 balls, the amount will be rolled over, so another player will have an opportunity. The process is to some extent never ending because the jackpot will keep growing until someone finally wins it. On the other hand, given the interest in this promotion, it is very likely that a lucky Bet365 Bingo player will win every evening.

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