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Book your Orient Express tickets with Sky Vegas Casino

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Sky Vegas Casino has reputation of sending its members to some of the most exotic destinations, but this February it has an ace in its sleeves. Even though people prefer to travel by plane when it comes to long distances, in this particular case they will be thrilled to embark on the Orient Express. One of the most luxurious trains in history, it used to travel from London to Istanbul and those on board enjoy the ultimate traveling conditions.

Today, taking such a voyage is more about the experience than reaching the destination and the price is sky high. You need to be pretty rich to afford to pay €5000 on a ticket, but if you have an account with Sky Vegas Casino you could be traveling for free. This is possible because the online casino is running a special campaign this month that will send to lucky players on this trip.

Instead of spending a four digit amount on train tickets, you could buy in for €10 and play your favorite casino games. The trick is that even if you have this amount already available in your online account, you are still expected to make a deposit to participate in this campaign. This is the only prerequisite and once the money richer account, you are free to play slot machines, table games or video poker.

Sky Vegas Casino expects plenty of players to sign up for this campaign therefore the odds of actually winning the prize are stacked against you. That's why the casino decided to offer many consolation prizes for those who have high expectations but failed to fulfill them. The best case scenario is to win the upcoming raffle and be the one to travel thousands of kilometers across Europe. If you are the chosen winner, you will get to pick your partner for this memorable trip and the casino will pay everything.

It shouldn't be too difficult to convince a friend to join you because the trip starts in London and include some of the most beautiful cities in Europe. There are 12 distinct stops and all of them are breathtaking, so by the time you return he will have plenty of stories to share with your friends. In exchange of depositing and spending €10, all participants are going to receive an entry for the raffle, so only luck will decide the winner.

A more realistic approach is to win one of the associated prizes, ranging from free spins to cash prizes. You are guaranteed to collect five free spins on selected slot machines whenever you wager €20, as an incentive to move beyond the minimum promotion requirements. There is also a leaderboard that players need to check out regularly to see how their position improves, because the higher they go, the better the rewards. February promises to be a great month at Sky Vegas Casino, despite being the shortest of 2016.

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