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Visit Monaco on Mr Green Casino’s cash

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Mr Green Casino stays true to its name as an international brand and keeps surprising players with all paid vacations. The most successful members have already traveled to remote parts of the world and enjoying memorable experiences. The good news is that you don't actually need to travel thousands of miles to feel truly special and some of the most exotic destinations are actually in Europe.

Online casino players are particularly interested in going to Monte Carlo and playing their favorite games in one of the most luxurious casinos in Europe. Spinning the roulette wheel, playing slot machines or sitting down at table games to play baccarat and blackjack is truly amazing. Traveling to Monaco is not necessarily the most expensive part of the trip, but accommodation can set you back financially.

Obviously, those who make it this far will try to explore different avenues and enjoy the adrenaline rush of being in such a vibrant city. Mr Green Casino will take care of all your financial concerns by paying for your flights, accommodation and even taking care of your daily schedule. You could admire the city from the Mediterranean Sea and cruise on board of a luxurious yacht or get behind the wheel and drive a Lamborghini or Ferrari.

It can be just as exciting to watch the fastest pilots in the world compete in Formula One races, without taking any chances whatsoever. The online casino is going to pay for all this entertainment and it is the players who decide what they want to do when in Monte Carlo. The first step is to actually win the package and in order to triumph, you need to sign up for the new promotion.

Monaco roulette should be your game of choice from now onwards because this is the one that qualifies for the current campaign. It happens to be a very exciting type of roulette and will get you in the mood for a trip to Monte Carlo, while also getting familiar with the local roulette games. You don't need to be a highroller or even the proud owner of a significant bankroll because anyone can play at small stakes.

On the other hand, you need to move quickly because this promotion is going to come to an end tomorrow and you want to be among the eligible players. Don't worry about being late to the party because the odds of winning the trip are the same even if you are a veteran roulette player or a beginner. You need to be lucky enough as to win the first prize, but even if you finish inside the top 10 you won't go home empty-handed.
There are some great cash prizes to collect and the prize pool will be distributed among many players, so that nobody will be disappointed. More promotions are going to start in the second half of March, so even if you don't win anything in this campaign, keep your eyes pried.

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