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Thursday, 31 March 2016 12:38

William Hill Casino dares you to chase the Gold Leaf Clover

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Over the last couple of years, people from all over the world felt a bit Irish and in their very own way, celebrating St. Patrick's Day. The festivities have now concluded, but there are still opportunities to put your luck to the test if you play at William Hill Casino. The new promotion goes by the name of Gold Leaf Clover and it has a guaranteed jackpot of merely €70,000.

Those who play blackjack over the weekend will have a shot at winning a share of the guaranteed prize pool. To participate, one should take a seat at the Vegas Blackjack tables between 7 PM and 1 AM every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Players have exactly 3 days to take part in this campaign and they should be looking for the coveted Star Card. If this appears during the game, players will be invited to spin the Vegas will and this will reveal the price they want.

These are in a nutshell the terms and conditions for this promotion, which will last for exactly 3 days in early April. There is no better way to start a new month then by consolidating your bankroll and the bonuses are out there for those willing to grab them. William Hill Vegas Live Casino Blackjack and Genie Blackjack tables are the ones that players should focus on this weekend. Once you collect the bonus, you will have plenty of time and resources to experience the thrills of other games.

50 times a day, players will discover the Star Cards hidden in the deck, so there should be enough opportunities for those who persevere. The blackjack tables never run out of customers, so you will be spending some quality time against your peers while chasing a share of the jackpot. The profits made as a result of playing blackjack are not subtracted or affect in any way, so players get to keep them as well.

The promotion host will step in whenever players find the coveted cards and will invite them to spin the Vegas will one local prize. Only those who have placed an active bet during that particular round will have a chance at winning a prize, so it's better not to stay idle. There are various segments and each of them has a distinct color, while triggering different prizes ranging from €10-€50.

Players are also eligible for having their losses refunded and these are calculated based on the net losses suffered during the weekend. The promo lasts for 72 hours, so time is of the essence and players should jump on the bandwagon quickly. There is no point in waiting for Saturday or Sunday, because the first winning opportunities arise on Friday. Players can win prizes every single day throughout the weekend, if they participate in the Gold Leaf Clover promotion and they are instantly credited to their accounts.

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