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Saturday, 19 April 2014 20:56

Bolton Council wants the government to get rid of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals

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Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) is a problem that many gamblers have faced not only in Boston but also in other cities like Las Vegas as well. Recently the Bolton Council raised alarm over Fixed Odds Betting Terminals especially the £300-a-minute gambling machine. The Town Hall Bosses said that betting shops should be well regulated so that gamblers are protected from unfair outcomes of their bets.

The Boston councilors intend to write to the government to urgently find away to end the use of these machines that allowed a person to bet £100 every 20 seconds which translates to up to £300-a-minute.

Planning Class for Betting Shops

The motion which also calls for the Departments of culture, media, and sports to come up with a separate planning class for betting shops and allow local authorities to have powers to stop more bookies opening in the town center was tabled by councilor Kate Lewis.

According to the council, Kate Lewis, there are at least 33,000 Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) in the broad United Kingdom with the majority of the FOBTs concentrated in disadvantaged areas in Boston

The councilor said that the problems associated with gambling does not end with those involved in gambling alone but affects the society as a whole.

"Problem gambling doesn't just hurt the individuals and the families involved — it hurts our communities and society as a whole.' She said.

"The proliferation of betting shops — along with pawn brokers and payday loan shops — is damaging the quality of local high streets, and the cash that disappears into these machines is largely money that would have otherwise been spent in the local economy." She added

With the FOBTs a single gambler is able to bet up to £300 which is a great financial loss considering that the gambler loses numerous times as is it always. With FOBTs the casino games are much faster and individuals can place bets in quick succession.

Another councilor Bob Allen termed the FOBTs a curse to Boston and supported the motion to write to the government to act swiftly and help the situation. "I'm passionately against these machines, because I have seen first-hand what this kind of gambling can do.

I know what it is like to be told there is no food because a member of the family has blown away the money gambling.

"The government needs to act, because we need powers as a council to license these premises — our licensing bodies currently have no authority whatsoever."

Allen said "This town doesn't need these machines and the sooner we get rid of them the better." He concluded.

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