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Early Gambling Addiction Damages Children Development

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Early Gambling Addiction interferes with Childs Developemnt, Says Expert Gambling and betting might look like undamaging entertainment but they could negatively affect the expansion of children.

According to the consultant psychologist Valarie Jacques, children are always innocent and live to feel happy, fun as well as pleasure.
"Games of opportunities are fun as well as exciting and children do not have the maturity or power to tell when to stop and when to begin.

"In the same way, when they begin playing any games and they are enjoying themselves, it is a challenge for parents to make them stop," Jacques, who owns a private sector, said during an interview.

In addition she said that, children will solely stop playing if the game becomes boring. She said if a child learns such habit then that child will confuse the sense of making decisions and decree in future and also not know how to make good balance.

On the other hand, Jacques said child would not have this challenge if their parents look at their time for enjoyment and time for work and achievement.

"Most of parents leave their children to play like game as the child will be occupied and leave the parents alone.

"On the other side, this is also a kind of rejection from the parent or caregiver," she said.

Jacques continued saying that the drugs, alcohol and gambling all go together as the commonality was addictive habit.

These 3 are the largest social problems which are also related to the big industries that are backing them up, she said.

Jacques also said that casinos and gambling industries have made toys for kids and currently they include games in arcades, computer games and online games so kids from young are being exposed to feeling this high sensation as well as pleasures.

"someone who has a positive image of self-esteem as well as confidence does not need these pleasures and so games during festivals or with family and buddies are for fun and can be put aside while life goes on.

But on the other hand, the problem is for people who are seriously wounded in life and feel they are not good enough. The feel they have the demand to do well and make it big and even get there fast, she said.

Jacques added that if such kinds of people did not feel the high then it was as if they would want to die which was scary.

As a result of all that, gamblers or addicts are highly encouraged to keep up with the behavior.

Eventually, gambling remains a common game played in different casinos found all over the world. Depending on the government of different countries, gambling game is either prohibited or allowed. Some states allow it because they look at it as a way of taping cash which in turn used for state development. Other states perceive it as a game that promotes burglary which is also a big security threat in a given state.

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