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Problems Associated with Gambling

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Though not known to many gambling also has very serious risks associated with it. They may not be as destructive as the harm that you may get when you deal in drugs and other abusive substance but can result in very bad situation for you as well as those who depend on you. To discuss this further it is better to illustrate its effects in the following sub categories.

Family problems

Gambling has caused problems to very many families today and even in the past. Most families have been exposed to very many risky situations just because a member of a family is a gambler and it even gets worse when that person is the bread winner of the family.

To begin with in family where the sole bread winner is a gambler there are bound to be numerous arguments in relation to the usage of money. The husband may be the gambler who takes all his earnings to the casino while leaving the family destitute.

In relationship where there is a gambler, the couples may not have enough time together as the husband may be addicted to gambling so much that he may devote all his time to the casinos while ignoring the wife.

Some gamblers will even take their kids with them but leave them in the car while they gamble this will expose their children to danger especially of being kidnapped. The children may also develop health complications as they are not comfortable in the car. Some may get to sleep before they eat and that is harmful to health of children.

Health problems

Gambling may result in various health complications. The complications associated with gambling may just be serious enough to take you to an early grave. To begin with, you may develop a lower self esteem especially if you have lost a number of times. With decline in self esteem it will be even hard for you to know your true being.

Gamblers Suffer Stress

Gamblers mostly suffer from stress related illness. They even become moody and hyperactive. The gamblers may also develop high blood pressure as a result of anxiety and strain.

Gamblers will most likely indulge in drug abuse to help them cope with the daily stress associated with losing a bet. The risks associated with smocking and taking alcohol is known to many but it's good to note cancer especially the throat cancer that you may get from excessive smoking.

Work place problems

Most gamblers always gamble until late in the night and so they end up coming to work late. This not only affects the relationship he has with the boss but also makes him incapable of achieving set targets by the company. Some even go a step further to gamble online while they are supposed to be working, gambling at the company's expense.

Gambler never has enough money as he always looks for what to invest in the game. Incase he loses all his finances he will be forced to borrow from fellow employees or ask for advance. If he fails to get the advance he may steal from the company o find enough to bet within the casino.

A gambler is also at risk of losing his job due to the behavior. Due to high frequencies of absenteeism and time wastage any boss will be at peace to have a gambler fired so that another worker who is more productive can be hired.

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