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Mukul Pahuja overcomes adversity to win WSOP trophy

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The World Series of Poker Circuit Main Event at Palm Beach Kennel Club in Florida brought together many of the players who were hungry for land-based competition. They've got plenty of choices if they go over the Internet with the tournaments running live at Unibet poker keeping them at the edge of their seats. There are plenty of advantages associated to online gambling, but there are many who think that only a live poker game can capture the very essence of this beautiful sport.

Among those who participate in this tournament that made a deep run it is worth mentioning Jonathan Hilton, Maurice Hawkins, Russ Head and Tony Ruberto. The last was actually the most successful of all of them as he finished in the 10th Pl., even though this was not enough for him to make the final table. In the WSOP tournaments the final table consists of nine players, so he finished just short of that.

At the same time, Juan Mendoza and Weinman were battling at the bottom of this list and decided not to take any chances with their tiny stacks. $5000 was the difference between the player who finish in the eighth place and the one who came in the night, so it was worth fighting for. At the same time, players who had more chips in front of them tried to make the most of this advantage and improve their chances of winning the tournament.

Mukul Pahuja was among them and he pushed short stackers into a corner, by forcing them to react to his aggressive place all the time. Eventually, he went all in with a pair of jacks against Dalton Mills and he got lucky because he managed to beat a pair of Kings when a fortunate jack appeared on the flop. From this point onward he only went upward and kept playing aggressive poker to consolidate his stack.

As the field was limited to just three players, they chose to discuss the terms of a deal but no agreement was reached so competition resumes promptly. Two players from Florida were well positioned to win it and eventually they managed to send Eric Bunch to the rail in the third-place. Adam Levy, Tristan Wade, and Daniel Weinman were regarded as the main favorites to win the tournament but they were eliminated one by one, with at them being the last to be sent home.

Mukul Pahuja emerge victorious and for his performance he won almost $200,000, while the next players collected the amounts listed below:

1 Mukul Pahuja Coconut Creek, FL $193,095
2 Adam Levy Coral Springs, FL $119,434
3 Eric Bunch Skiatook, OK $87,334
4 Dalton Mills Jacksonville, FL $64,806
5 Joshua Lowing Pensacola, FL $48,761
6 Staffan Lind Vero Beach, FL $37,194
7 Tristan Wade Boynton Beach, FL $28,762
8 Daniel Weinman Atlanta, GA $22,546
9 Juan Mendoza Wilmington, NC $17,912

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