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The Unibet Open starts today in London

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Unibet players have spent most of the winter gambling from the comfort of their home but now they have the chance to make the transition to live games. The good news is that the poker room is going to pay all the expenses to a handful of lucky players, since they are the main sponsor of the event. The upcoming tournament goes by the name of Unibet Open and it starts today in London, with Grosvenor Casino being the gracious host of the competition.

They will be plenty of poker professionals sitting down at the tables, yet beginners and amateurs have their fair chance. To make it to the top of the food chain, one would have to outshined all of these players and past performance suggest that the competition is going to be intense. The main event is obviously the highlight of the competition for most of the players, with the buy-in revolving around €1000.

Elsewhere, highrollers and those who can afford to spend as much as €2000 to participate in the competition reserved to big spenders will have a chance at winning even more money. They're expected to play against fewer players, since only a handful of poker fans can afford to make this financial investment. For the main event, there will be two distinct flights, a format that was introduced a couple of years ago and is already immensely popular worldwide.

The first flight starts today and those who are unlucky or unable to increase their stack will have another shot tomorrow. Keep in mind that by Sunday only the successful players will be left standing and everyone will start with a stack of 30,000 chips. Each level will last 60 minutes, so there is plenty of time to make incremental progress and no reason to take unnecessary chances. Live reports about the tournament as well as useful update for the media will be published by the poker room on the official website.

Unibet has been the proud sponsor of this tournament for quite a while and given its previous success and surging popularity, the competition is here to stay. In addition to the main event, there are plenty of other tournament that players can participate in, not to mention the abundance of cash games. Those who don't have the resources or the time to travel to London, can watch action in real-time on the stream service provided by the celebrated poker room.

The last stop for the Unibet Open stop took place in November 2015 and Antwerp was the city where it unfolded. The main event set players back €1100 and the winner walked away with €71,000, so the return on investment was spectacular. Some of the players decided to buy in out-of-pocket, but many more preferred to take the long way by qualifying in satellites.

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