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Record Prize won at Macau Poker Cup 24

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The Far East is a great place for those who love poker and casino games, because Macau presents them with the opportunity to move up the ladder much faster. Nosebleed limits act as a magnet not only for local players but also for professionals from all over the world. That's why, so many online poker rooms decided to invest heavily in brick-and-mortar locations and run their own tournaments here.

PokerStars is a shining example and with the Macau Poker Cup 24, it managed to set one record after the other. In the long run, they run on expanding this tournament and given this year's results, they are very likely to push the process into overdrive. The main event is the one that brings the best out of players, yet everyone was impressed by the unexpected success of a freezeout event that broke all existing records.

More than 1000 players decided that it is worth paying the hefty buy-in to participate in the HK$12,000 Red Dragon, so the guaranteed prize pool was greatly exceeded. There were plenty of Chinese players at the table, which makes perfect sense given the location of this tournament, but there was no shortage of foreigners either. Malaysian players are coming strongly from behind, so it is not exactly a surprise that Ying Lin Chua emerged victorious.

This is not the first time he participate in a competition of this magnitude and his previous attempts proved to be very successful. Ying Lin Chua is a conference manager and has won tens of thousands of dollars so far, with the most important result being victory in the World Poker Tour National Philippines. This time, he made the final table and he had to compete against eight other opponents, including six players from China. The only European was eliminated in the eighth place.

For more Chinese players were sent to the rail immediately after and when three handed play began, the surviving poker players decided to split the money. That's how it was possible for Takashi Ogura to actually and up winning slightly more than Wayne Zhang. The runner-up didn't put up a great fight when he was left with a tiny stack against Ying Lin Chua and bowed out graciously relatively quickly.
These were the official final table results and the prizes collected by the nine finalists:

1 Ying Lin Chua Malaysia 1,904,000
2 Wayne Zhang China 1,307,000
3 Takashi Ogura Japan 1,382,000
4 Liang Xu China 611,000
5 Chengbei Li China 413,000
6 Fan Xie China 302,100
7 Yang Zhang China 257,000
8 Tom Alner UK 223,500
9 Yongqiang Huang China 190,000

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