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Daniel Wilson wins the Paddy Power Irish Open

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Paddy Power is running a multitude of online tournaments and every now and then it presents players with a chance to compete at live tables. The more time they spend in the company of each other, the better the return on investment, so regardless of the form of entertainment chosen, profits are easy to claim. To participate in an event of the magnitude of the Irish open, one would have to pay a significant amount out-of-pocket. That's why satellites and online qualifiers are an inexpensive alternative.

Daniel Wilson was one of those who chose to pay the buy-in out-of-pocket and for winning the event he won €150,000. The guaranteed prize was exceeded, because 802 players signed up for this edition, so the runner-up was also lavishly rewarded. Having said this, competition was very intense at the final table and it didn't subside even when just two players were left in the race. The first day of the tournament was the most difficult one, with hundreds of players being sent to the rail.

The best was safe to last, when the fourth and final day of the tournament began at 2 PM, with a handful of poker professionals being eliminated. Some of them were seeking on sizable stacks while others were barely staying afloat and did their very best to survive the bubble stage. The reigning champion and former winners were unable to make it to the final table, which consisted of only eight players.

The first hand was the most exciting one, as Daniel Wilson was dealt pocket aces and he put them to good use by causing the elimination of two players. With these two out of his way, he consolidated the stack and put its entire weight behind his actions to push opponents around. It was this aggressive approach that helped Daniel outshine competitors and by the time three handed play began, he was already ahead.

The rules of the tournament allow players to discuss the terms of a deal when just three were left in the competition, but no agreement was reached. As the game resumed Tomas Soederstroem was unable to hold onto his tiny stack and was eliminated in the third-place. Even so, he won in excess of €50,000, completely offsetting the investment made five days earlier. The heads-up was a short affair and Michael Conaty had no chance at recuperating the disadvantage, so he had to settle for second place.

These are the 2016 Irish open final table results and the corresponding paychecks:

1 Daniel Wilson €150,000
2 Michael Conaty €85,000
3 Tomas Soederstroem €52,000
4 Vegard Ropstad €36,500
5 David Costello €28,500
6 Petr Vejmelka €22,500
7 Brian Nolan €18,000
8 Igor Arkhipov €14,475
9 Michael Rossiter €12,150

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