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Champions League and Europa League quarterfinals decided in Nyon

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Slowly but surely, on the remaining teams in the European competitions are going to take on tough opponents and only the best to survive. Both the Champions League and Europa League quarterfinals have some great games scheduled and the remaining four teams in the race will make a lot of money.

In the Champions League, Bayern will take on Benfica and they have no intention to repeat the quarterfinals thriller against Juventus. They need to win the first leg because they will play the second on the road and bookmakers credit them with an excellent chance at doing exactly that. The odds are ridiculously low, but it's hard to bet against the Germans at this point.

Barcelona continues its Spanish rivalry with Atletico Madrid, as they top two teams in the La Liga try to secure a place in the quarterfinals. The Catalans are well-positioned to advance but they will need to make the most of home pitch advantage in the first leg. They will play against the defensive minded team that won't hesitate to freeze the game and limit the freedom of movement for the visitors.

Real Madrid doesn't have to worry too much about running into a brick wall because Wolfsburg is not exactly the best defensive team. Instead, they will try to score one more goal than the opponent, so football fans will have some great times ahead. The two legs are very likely to result in a goal scoring festival, making it wise for PAF others to bet on more than 2.5 goals to be scored.

PSG has won the French domestic championship and now tries to win the continental competition as well. The first challenge lies ahead, because Manchester City will come visiting and they've got a formidable team. Unless the French side manages to win the first leg, they will lose their favorite status and needs to be done favorable odds in England.

In the second tier European competition, Spanish teams dominate once again and reigning champions Sevilla takes on athletic Bilbao. Home pitch advantage is of critical importance for both teams and the outcome of the first leg can decide the victor. Villarreal place the first leg at home against Sparta Prague and if past performance can be used as an indicator for future results, they should win easily.

Dortmund and Liverpool meeting the most exciting match of this stage, mostly due to the fact that Klopp returns to Germany to play against his former team. He knows Dortmund all too well, but the same goes for the local footballers, so this match has the potential of electrifying the entire arena. Last but definitely not least, the Portuguese Braga takes on the multiple Ukrainian champions and one of the most powerful teams left in the competition. Shakhtar Donetsk takes Europa League very seriously and if they managed to win a point on the road, it's very likely that they will triumph in the second leg.

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